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With over 24 years experience installing pools and replacing liners in all types of

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COMPLETE Above-Ground pool packages with DISCOUNTED installation!

We offer the highest quality American Made pools from Lomart and Embassy. When you purchase from us you will save with a discounted installation!

ABOVE-GROUND POOL Installation Specialest

Are you waiting more than two weeks for installation of the pool you ordered from the "other guy"? You need to give us a call!

We focus our attention on getting your pool installed as quickly as possible. SIMPLE… NO HASSEL

North West Vinyl Pools does not have a showroom full of BBQs, fire places and a really expensive sales staff ready to say anything to get in your wallet. My name is Randell. As the business owner and contractor, I personally help you choose a pool package that is right for your budget, THEN… I am the one that comes to your home with shovel in hand to get it installed without waiting half the summer.

Considering An Internet Pool Purchase?

We can answer questions about the quality of the pools you typically find on websites, and share experiences other pool shoppers have had when purchasing a pool from the internet.YOU MUST BE CAREFUL! There are some very flimsy bad quality pools for sale with misleading descriptions and packages that include accessories that are not necessary and add cost. Before you purchase from the internet, check with us. We can answer questions and help you decide which pool and accessories are the most cost affective and best option for your project.